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The Infinite Wisdom of Harriet Rose

Welcome to the website of Diana Janney, author of philosophical, humorous and poignant fiction which has received international acclaim. Diana's latest novel, The Infinite Wisdom of Harriet Rose, is selling in numerous countries, is translated into several languages, was longlisted for the Melissa Nathan prize and is now available on CD as an Audio Book, read by Ruth Sillers, produced by the BBC. The film rights for a feature film, which is currently in development, have been bought by a British Film Company. Find out more about Diana, formerly a London barrister, Philosophy Postgraduate and successful Fashion Model. Read reviews and extracts of her novels, and media interviews with Diana.


The Infinite Wisdom of Harriet Rose is published in the U.K and Commonwealth countries by Headline Review, part of one of the world's leading publishers Hachette; by Blanvalet, part of Random House, in...



“Reading this really well-written book, I genuinely felt I was living Harriet’s life with her.” Five Stars.

Independent on Sunday

“Harriet is a great character – fantastically clever, arrogant, socially inept and likely to refer to Kant at inopportune moments. There should be lots more books…with heroines who idolise Marcus Aurelius.”


“Diana Janney creates in Harriet Rose a young heroine who is beautiful, confident, clever, successful and much loved as well as loving…..the young author’s attempts to publicise her book maintain interest as well as providing more than a few laughs… refreshing.”


“A lovely fantasy on stardom spotted with her philosophy and the sad knocks of life. A good, unusual read.”


“The book itself is a meditation, an invitation to readers who do not conform, to ask and seek answers less obvious than the usual, whatever the question, and though the protagonist is a teenager, the book is suitable not only for them, but also for adults.”

El Mundo (Spain)

“….the book has delighted me… I finished it in a weekend and I have enjoyed every last leaf. I can say without doubt, that soon, this book will become the most gifted for 2009.”

Juvenil Romantica (Spain)

“A wickedly funny, tender-hearted novel…Comparable to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time for its stunning originality, the double-edged sword that is fame, along with envy, grief, recovery, Marcus Aurelius and first love, are all fragments, the sum of which is a book that is a joy from beginning to end. The Runner-Up Great Read.”

Australian Women’s Weekly

“Believe me: This book makes you happy! It is extremely inspiring and written in an intelligent way.” Five Stars. “Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised during a visit to the bookstore. This was the case with me. Fresh from the press was there: The Infinite Wisdom of Harriet Rose by Diana Janney. After reading the flap I was already in love.”

Boekenbal (Holland)

“….it’s definitely well-written and good fun, so I’ll certainly be reading whatever Diana Janney writes next.”


“This is a novel we can all learn from, whether it is to laugh at ourselves or to learn how to prioritise things in life.”

You (South Africa)

“An Adrian Mole for girls.”


“Quirky and clever.” Four Stars.


Four Stars.


“This brilliant new novel, aimed at adults, will undoubtedly be grabbed by every teen and pre-teen in the land.

Angel and North

“….it describes the emotions of the adolescent child in us all down to a tee.”

The Resident

“I loved this easy-going story. It had a good mix of fun and reflection.” 5/5

The Citizen (South Africa)

Book of the Week

Jonathan Ball (South Africa)

“This airy and well-written book certainly not [to] miss.”

Libelle (Holland)

“An amusing read.”

The Tribune (Ireland)

“The Infinite Wisdom of Harriet Rose by Diana Janney is another worthy addition to what’s almost becoming a genre in itself…”

Australian Vogue

“Feisty heroine of the 21st century who will have massive appeal to ladies and ladettes everywhere. This debut novel is quirky, highly original and will be devoured by those who love Sue Townsend’s Adrian Mole creation as well as The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.”


“A delightful novel which muses on the effects of sudden stardom and the realities of life. Diana Janney delivers in this wonderfully original novel which is definitely worth a read.”

Page One (Singapore)

“..Harriet as a girl could be seen as a new heroine!”

Vrouw (Holland)

“I loved this book. I loved the way the story was told, with a sort of subversive humour. I liked the vividness of the characters, and the comments on modern life.”

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