Behind the Spine interview

Behind the Spine interview

Diana Janney on poetry, philosophy and fractured souls.

“What a great idea if, through this grieving process both of them could heal – could come to understand the other through the vehicle of poetry” – Diana Janney

Poetry and philosophy bring together two fractured souls, 12 year old Rufus Ellerton whose parents have died, and his grandfather Horatio who’s now tasked with raising him.

Diana Janney’s latest novel is a beautiful, musical piece of writing, which weaves poetry and philosophical musings into the prose. A Man of Understanding follows the story of Rufus (Blue) as he moves to a finca in Majorca with his grandfather.

Hear as Diana explores her motivations for writing a novel like this, in this way. How her musical background inspires her writing style – even if she doesn’t realise it. And what kind of writer Diana is, gardener or architect.

‘I found it so profound, so moving…This book should be on everybody’s shelves…It’s extremely powerful, really is’ – Mark Heywood, inkjockey