Harriet Rose’s Meditations

Meditation 35

‘I once lost a race when I’d won it.
It taught me that life’s seldom fair.
I watched while they made losers winners,
Pretending that I didn’t care.

‘I’ve tasted the beauty of winning.
I’ve savoured the joy of success.
I’ve relished the failure of rivals.
I’ve longed for perfection, no less.

‘But now when they make me a winner
I hesitate as they applaud.
For winning can sometimes be losing.
Perfection is often best flawed.

‘So tell me I’ve won, but with caution.
Remind me of others who failed.
And we’ll all wait for that final curtain
To teach us what winning entailed.’

Meditation 33

In His infinite wisdom He took you away.
I never shall forget that day.
No fond farewell, no plain goodbye.
Too ill to live, too soon to die.
I want you back,
I won’t let go,
I need you here,
I miss you so.
In His infinite wisdom He took you away
While I still had so much to say.
Wise words now fill an empty space
Where once I saw your gentle face.
I want my words to make you proud.
I’m hoping you can see
The many thoughts you helped me form
By giving life to me.
I write them down.
They fill each page.
A thoughtful child, a youthful sage.
In His infinite wisdom He took you away.
But I, in mine, shall make you stay.
I’ll bring you back with the stroke of my pen.
In my infinite wisdom I’ll see you again.

Meditation for television interview

‘It is a populous place filled with noise and words and laughter, ever changing as its walls expand to encompass new ideas and beliefs. I know this place as I have dwelled within its boundaries all my life, watched as it succeeded, failed and began again. I have seen it through the many changes of life and death, tragedy and joy. I know this place from inside-out and all ways. For this place that I describe, it is my mind.’

Meditation 45

‘I didn’t ask to be born.
I didn’t choose my name.
I had no say in the colour of my eyes,
Or the texture of my hair.
Nor will I decide the day I die.
But I do choose my words,
And I do create my thoughts,
And I do take responsibility for my actions.
All these are my own.
Judge me on these alone.’

Meditation 41

I am myself
Nothing can change me
I am myself
You can legislate, defy, manipulate,
But whatever lies ahead,
You will not change me.
I am myself.

Meditation 53

‘Writing requires having something to say. Reading requires a capacity for understanding. Otherwise words are mere markings on a page. Every great writer understands the need for a great reader.’